In 2021, we took our first step to understand our carbon footprint. We did this for two reasons; 1) to understand where our carbon emission hotspots lay, direct and indirect; and 2) to understand the start point from which we could begin to reduce our footprint.

We identified three main pillars of impact:

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More than 80% of our carbon emissions are caused by our products, where our direct impact is limited
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Less than 1% of our carbon footprint is due to our own operations which is in our direct control
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16% of our carbon footprint is due to the transportation of our products across the globe.

Our learnings shared

Let's join forces to reduce the impact of fabrics at every stage of the lifecycle

We want to engage with all our stakeholders to do the right thing. Our strategy has included playbooks for suppliers and partners, where we are able to assist in joint paths to sustainability. These playbooks currently include:


Understanding how to calculate your carbon footprints and steps to reduce it


Responsible consumption and production and using the HIGG tool to calculate and manage fabric selection


Sustainably understanding fair labour practices, diversity, and inclusion

We are continuing to expand these playbooks, as our learning and experience within areas grows.

We want to share our continued sustainability journey, the lessons we have learnt (and will continue to learn!), provide insights regarding the impact of our products, and keep you informed about our ESG progress.

We invite you to join us. Together we can make a difference!

Download our sustainability commitment