FR-One fabrics meet the most demanding fire standards worldwide, and are one of the only fabrics, worldwide, certified as module E under the Maritime Equipment Directive.

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Quality And Design

FR-One is committed to combining technical excellence with quality and design, providing both inspiration and peace of mind to interior enthusiasts. Discover FR-One’s decorative drapery collections of fabulous sheers and dim-out qualities, as well as our wide selection of beautiful upholstery and multi-purpose fabrics, all of which are constantly and rigorously tested providing the ultimate guarantee for style, safety, and quality.

Maximum Safety

The FR-One label certifies that a fabric is inherently and permanently Fire Retardant (IFR). This verifies that the fabric received no topical chemical Fire-Retardant after-treatment, it is the actual fiber that is produced Fire-Retardant at molecular level ensuring its neutrality, longevity and permanency. FR-One Fire Retardant fabrics are the gold-standard for FR safety.
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