Bru offers a variety of fabric brands and specialised products and services

Higher efficiency at a lower cost

Bru Textiles ships tens of millions meters of fabric around the world each year. Assisted by its exclusive Bru Full Solution, Bru helps customers achieve higher efficiency at a lower cost throughout their entire procurement and marketing process.

Our brands

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A wide-ranging fabric collections for all home furnishings applications.
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Combining the latest Stain Free Technology with high quality, stylish home furnishing textiles, FibreGuard is our long-lasting, easy-clean fabric brand. Also suitable for contract and commercial applications.
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FR-One’s inherently fire retardant fabrics meet all of the strictest, most demanding fire standards worldwide. Suitable for contract, commercial applications and home applications.
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Twinbru is the digital product and services division of Bru Textiles. Twinbru services includes 3D modeling, rendering, visualisation of fabrics on 3D models and/or curated room scenes and the building of asset libraries for digital textures, models and scenes.
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Our extensive brand collections and designs ensure we have fabrics that match all requirements, including upholstery, curtains and drapery, accessories including an extensive digital library of fabrics.
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