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The Bru Stories

Watch our testimonials

The Bru Stories

Passion for People

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“United, we stand strong.”

Bru would not be the strong and successful company it is today without equally strong values and principles that have inspired us from the beginning and

continue to define the way we deal with our people, our customers, our suppliers and the world around us. Because in the end, we are all Bru.

Be heads on

With a clear vision of what we want to achieve, the knowledge of how to achieve it and the resilience to keep at it until we get there. Bru is all about creating smart solutions that make a real positive difference to your business.

Be hands on

We are good at what we do at Bru because we have the discipline and passion to apply our shared expertise to every challenge, for every customer, every day. It’s that “can-do” attitude that guarantees maximum customer satisfaction.

Be hearts on

Passion to achieving beyond our goals is what drives us in everything that we do at Bru. A passion for quality, for creativity, for innovation and for success – both yours and ours. It’s a passion you can see and feel in all our amazing products and value-added services.

Be a bru

Trust, loyalty and integrity are what define the very special relationship that is Bru. A relationship that binds us and inspires us to reach for new horizons, together. Come and discover for yourself what it means to be a Bru.

Our environmental & social approach

ISO 9001

Bru is an ISO 9001 certified organization. The ISO 9001 International Standards ensure that our products and services are safe, reliable and of good quality.

A healthy life

At Bru we care for our people and the environment. Bru HQ houses a fully equipped gym and offers daily fitness sessions with a personal trainer. By encouraging physical fitness and nutrition we do our best to ensure the health and wellbeing of our people.

Green conscious

We endeavor to supply fabrics that are environmentally safe and not harmful to human health. The majority of Bru’s fabrics are Oeko-Tex® 100 certified, which means that the fabrics contain no prohibited or regulated substances, or chemicals known to be harmful to humans. Oeko-Tex® 100 certified fabrics meet current environmental standards throughout their entire production cycle and most are fully recyclable. All Bru’s products consistently meet the strict REACH international norms supporting our green sustainable companywide ideologies. Bru are constantly campaigning to encourage our suppliers to reach ISO14001 certification guaranteeing accountable environmental responsibility.

Bru supports Live and Give

Live and Give is a Belgian based foundation that works to help disadvantaged children in Vietnam. Live and Give’s biggest accomplishment include the successful construction of a boarding school/orphanage in Pleiku, Central Vietnam. Several additional projects including construction of schools have also been completed which contribute to improved living conditions for the poor people of Vietnam.

Bru supports UZA Foundation

UZA Foundation is managed and administered by the UZA (Antwerp University Hospital). Bru and the Neiman Family are strongly committed to supporting extensive research related to premature births and following premature infants during their entire journey to adulthood.

UZA Foundation website

Bru supports Sentana Stiftung

Sentana Stiftung is a foundation established to create a meeting place for lonely and aging people and animals to meet and nurture each other. Sick and/or abused animals are given refuge and cared for in this unique sanctuary while giving further comfort to their human friends.

Sentana Stiftung website

Bru supports UNICEF

Bru is committed to giving support to and ensuring a better future for children in developing countries and disaster areas. Therefore we have joined forces in a partnership with UNICEF and we are raising money for their projects worldwide. UNICEF has a mission to help the most vulnerable children by providing access to education and safer and healthier living conditions.

Together with UNICEF, Bru desires to help give disadvantaged children a fair chance in life.

Bru supports Doctors without Borders

As part of our charitable initiatives, Bru supports Doctors without Borders, the international medical humanitarian organization that brings emergency medical aid to humanitarian crises around the world.