At Bru Textiles the core focus of our business policies is “Manoeuvrability in turbulent times”. Our strong growth over the past years has allowed us to be committed to this vision and in-turn it will provide a foundation for our future growth. The aim of this policy is to extend the company’s responsiveness so that we can meet the ever-changing requirements of our clients.

Becoming a responsive business, and maintaining this philosophy, requires a team of adaptable employees that are open to change. At Bru Textiles we believe that through progressive leadership we can create a team of staff who are adaptable and have the necessary tools for handling our business challenges.

The aim of our training policy is to reinforce our manoeuvrability and responsiveness as a business.

Some of the goals that we aim to achieve with this project are:

  • Keep investing in leadership development through training courses
  • Strengthen our feedback culture
  • Continue with our multicultural and multilingual training courses
  • Continue with our targeted training courses across a range of age groups
  • Keep professionalising our onboarding process of new employees
  • Promote personal growth through coaching and development
  • Remain committed to an open company culture where communication is key
  • Strive to have all-round personnel whilst keeping in mind the needs of the company and the preferences of the employee
  • Yoga classes as a way to relax and build self-awareness and awareness of others

For more information in Dutch about our project, please refer to

Timeframe: April 2017 – March 2018